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The last ONE

My baby girl is ONE. This was legit the fastest year of my life! I know that we're incredibly blessed to be able to watch our girl grow, and learn everything that she's learned in this fast first year, but I couldn't ignore that twinge of a sting that this is it...the last ONE. I won't celebrate another first birthday for any of my kids again. The sucker punch is that you don't realize just how fast everything is happening until it becomes the past and you're left in awe at the changes you witnessed but didn't notice. Makes sense right? What I'm learning is, no matter how hard I try to absorb the "now" with my kids, they're still going to continue to grow and change. Unfortunately, there is no pause or rewind. I guess the key is, I have to continue to grow and change with them and just appreciate every minute. I have to remind myself of this pretty much daily. I get so frazzled and frayed with the craze the evening and nightly routine brings. It's all just such a rush. A hurry to get up and get through the day, then a hurry to go to bed. That's the simple explanation of why it's all so "fast." We make it that way. Not intentionally, and I'm not implying there's anyway to make it any different. Just be conscious. Be aware that their littleness is so short lived. Build them up and tell them how amazing they are. Remind them daily how happy they make your life. Imagine what kind of mind set you'd like them to have as an adult and treat them how you want them to later think and feel. I know i'm not doing it "right" every day. NO ONE is. But I do my best and try to control my attitude towards them when they start pushing all of my "abort nice" buttons. I'm the parent (aka adult) and they are kids still learning and experiencing new feelings and new emotions daily. If I can't set a good example of controlling and dealing with mine then they're not going to learn that it's ok to experience these feelings but controlling how you deal with them is what's important.

I don't know where I'm going with this. I feel like the older I get the more appreciation I have for the freedom and growth of being a kid. They will grow beyond our comprehension if you make them believe that they can! Limits are learned, they're not born with them. I think that's why they grow and learn SO much in that first year. No comprehension of fear or limits. Just a desire to learn and grow! Keep that desire alive and they'll continue to grow and learn. Wanting what's best for your kids isn't enough. DO what's best for them. Love them beyond measure and make sure they know how to love themselves and others. Don't let the world invade their childhood. Before anyone realizes it, we wake up and it's over. We were all little "once."

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